Monday, September 19, 2011

Club wear or stripper wear?? You tell me!

Is it just me or has club wear slowly turned into stripper wear? This past weekend on our girls night out trip to a typical bar/club called Drink I noticed that many of the female bartenders and bar goers were dressed more like on poles then out for a night of fun!

Yes, I know the dress code is, 'dress to impress' but I did not realize that translated into dress to show you downtown to the club. Well apparently I missed the memo and dressed in tight jeans a cute top and sky high wedges!

What I thought was appropriate night on the town wear. I was wrong. I should of broken out the fish nets and boy shorts to fit in. Oh well!

What do you think?? What is appropriate for the club and what kinda things do you where when you go out??

Fashionably Late,
Under Cover Fashion Lover

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