Friday, October 7, 2011

Do you have shoe envy?

Shoes are the inspiration for many outfits and the finishing touches to the others. Women everywhere have lusted over the perfect shoes, whether it be 5-inch heels, the perfect flats, or a pair of running shoes, we love shoe!

One Manhattan native, Alex Pappas, took her shoe envy for the famous red soled Louboutin's and created an alternative to the expensive look. Arch Tags, an adhesive piece of material to add to the bottom of your dull high heeled shoes. Arch Tags come in a variety of colors and designs; they even have one you can add your own logo to!

The waterproof and tear proof design can be removed and added to another pair of shoes. Never let your old heels go unnoticed again, with the great designs Arch Tags has to offer you can keep all your shoes looking new and fresh. Alex has also come up with a new creation, Bling Tags, a sparklier version of the popular Arch Tags. View them all right here.

Fashionably Late,

Under Cover Fashion Lover

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