Saturday, October 15, 2011

Does anyone still shop at the Gap?

The Gap, a once popular store where one could purchase fashionable clothing for a decent price is not doing so well these days. These days the Gap is closing store across America one by one with a total of 200 stores expected to close by the year 2013.
What went wrong? A once popular retailer who put a spin on classic staples for your wardrobe has taken a turn for the worst. The fashion has disappeared and the merchandise is not what it once was.
In fashion one day you're, in and one day you're out in the words of Heidi. Well it looks like the Gap is on its way out for good. Some believe the lack of fashion minded people have come into power at the head of the company. CEO Glenn Murphy is a numbers guy; he has no knowledge of fashion and has never been in the business of merchandising. Most fashion companies become a hit when they incorporated a fashion minded individual and a business minded individual working side by side to bring their expertise together to make the business succeed.

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