Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Who's birthday you might ask? Mine of course!

Okay, here is where the daze of the fashion life comes into play.. this blog is not just about fashion, you get some of me too! So, every year on my birthday I like to look back and reflect on the past year.. take a look at all the 'firsts' I had and things I learned.

I do not always write about it, I have in the past once it turned out nice a little reminder to look back on and remember things that happened during a specific time in my life.

So here it goes! Good Bye 25 Hello 26!

Well 25 was a good year for me! I graduated college in December for the 2nd time.. fashion merchandising this time (fashion design previously). The beginning of the year started out great, no school just focusing on work and relaxing in my new free time previously taken up by homework, so I decided to start a blog www.runwaydaze.onsugar.com it was going great!

In March my boyfriend and I went on vaca to Florida (my first time to the sunshine state) we went for a week saw two Chicago Blackhawks games while down there, went to the beach, saw the aquarium. Vacation type stuff!

Then in May we had our annual family wars and camp out at my future in laws house! It was so much fun! Got to meet some members of my boyfriends family for the first time! ( way over due since we've been together for 5 years)

Then in July we went back to Florida for a family wedding which was awesome! In September the boyfriend and I and out little doggie Ace took our annual canoe trip to Coley Island in Wisconsin for the weekend kind of a anniversary trip! It was so much fun just the 3 of us!

To sum up this year, interesting, there was not as many 'firsts' as in the past years but there were a lot of lessons learned.

here are some of the things that I have learned in my 25th year,

1- Always wear sunscreen! always!
2- I can take a punch literally and physically!
3-Do not always assume the actions of other based on their previous actions people change
4-Cops can be nice!
5-You have to make your mom happy .. even if your super pissed, she is your mom!
6-People grow up, accept their apologies!
7-Stop hating people for being themselvess and accept them, hating them only makes you upset!
8-Do not expect people to do things unless you ask them to, no one can read your mind!
9-Men are like children!
10-You will never be fully grown up no matter how old you are so do not try and act like it keep acting like a child and life will be a hell of a lot more fun!

Okay girls and boys that's all she wrote!

Fashionably Late,
Under Cover Fashion Lover!

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