Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winter is gettting near, what should you wear?

Well it is beginning to feel like winter is on its way. This year the forecasters are predicting a bad winter here in Chicago. The east coast has already had their first snow! So with the cold rolling in you maybe questioning what to wear and how to accessorise your winter look to continue looking chic and cute without feeling the cold.

This winter one trend you cannot be caught dead without is a colorful jacket. Reds, blues, and yellows are popular colors for winter coats this year, of course black is always your safest bet but don't be afraid to take a fashion leap.

If you are a little uncomfortable wearing a colored jacket try a cream or white jacket to brighten up your winter wardrobe and keep yourself looking great on those cold winter days.

Here is one from Victoria Secret $188.

Another popular trend this fall are military inspired looks, this look was also quite popular last year and will continue to be popular for a few years to come due to simplicity and classic tailored style.

Here are a few images from VS as well.

Another trend that has been around for a while and looks like it will be staying, fur, whether its real or fake fur is the ultimate choice for winter fashion. Warm and beautiful fur accents are everywhere boots, hats, gloves and on your coat of course. Some coats come with removable fur collars and have fur lined sleeves. Here are some VS coats to choose from.

If you are looking for an all fur coat VS has some of those as well.

Since winter coats are more expensive as the regular popular item you purchase they are  typically classic styles that will last for a few years to get your moneys worth. Staple items such as these usually have classic silhouettes and fabric choices to make them more popular to the consumer. However, style and trends do turn up in winter wear, for example some of the previous VS looks have pleats at the waist to make these classic pea coats look slightly more feminine and give it and extra flare. The image pictured below also has added ruffles at the bottom to make this classic style anything but ordinary.

One of the most popular outwear trends this year is the popular cloak or cape look. Hooded capes are very popular this season and look great on anyone. The loose fitting cape is ideal for those cold winter days. Staying wrapped up in you bed is not always an option but you will feel that way in one of these great looks.

Which one of these look is your favorite?? Would you be daring enough to go out in a cape or bright red pea coat?? Tell me what you think.

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