Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barbie, help those fighting cancer!

Everyone knows that beauty is not defined by the clothes we wear or make-up or even our hair. True beauty is what lies beneath, what is inside us. Some of us do not get the luxury of styling, cutting and dying our hair to our exact specifications and by those people I mean cancer patients.

Many people are suffering cancer or leukemia right now, and I am sure that everyone reading this has known at least one person who has fought, is still fighting or unfortunately lost the battle with cancer. For everyone involved in those peoples lives cancer is the hardest thing they will ever face.

Barbie made by Mattel is one of the most iconic and timeless toys known to the world. As the generations have changed so has Barbie and her accessories, clothing, and lifestyle. There has also always been a bit of controversy when it comes to Barbie's proportions and unrealistic body type, giving girls a false sense of self image.

Well the makers at Mattel now have a way to show girls out there that you can be beautiful even if you are suffering through cancer or leukemia. Two women from across the country have come together to create a Facebook page called Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let's see if we can get it made. Both women has had their own experience with cancer and would like to bring there idea of a Bald Barbie to Mattel as a way for little girls to deal with hair loss of their own or the loss of someone they are close to.

(Beautiful and Bald Barbie!)

Mattel has commented on the idea for the doll and has not really made it clear as to whether they will or will not be making the doll in question. A petition has been made and has gained a great deal of support from around the world.

I have signed the petition and would personally like to see Mattel produce this Barbie for everyone out there whose lives have been touched by cancer. Hopefully, Mattel will see the impact this could make on the world and the gain that cancer research could see if they donated a portion of the proceeds to cancer research. Please sign the petition if you feel strongly on this topic and remember all of those who have lost the battle to cancer.

In Loving Memory of Timothy L. Hollin

Fashionably Late,

Under Cover Fashion Lover

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