Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolution for Fashion!

With the new year brings new years resolutions.. and everyone every vows to stick to them this year whether it be working out, a diet, going to church, they almost always fail miserably. Some of you might have already failed your resolution, if that is the case I have a great idea for you.

Fashion is year round, from winter to summer we are always thinking about what to wear, what is new and exciting and what we need to complete our wardrobe. Well if you are a failure at new years resolutions try this one out, organize and complete your wardrobe for the new year and the results will last all year round.

Ok, it may seem intimidating and time consuming but in a few hours you could be feeling a lot better about your wardrobe. The way to start this out is by going through your entire closet this means clothes, shoes, swimsuits, socks, panties, purses accessories, EVERYTHING!

Once you have decided what you want to keep and what fits still and what is just tired and worn out then you can donate some things and get rid of the rest. Once you have gotten everything back into the closet and organized to your liking you can take inventory. Write down how many pants, shirts, boots, shoes, etc. you have and then you can determine what you need. Even if it is something that is not in season right now, like lets say a swimsuit you maybe able to find a good deal on it now. Once you have written down what you have and determined what you need make sure your evenly distributing your clothing needs and wants. What I mean by that is make sure you have a good amount of staple pieces and a good amount of trendy items to even out your wardrobe. Staple pieces can last forever and are usually needed for everyday wear,  but without trendy pieces your staples can look plain and boring.

I hope this helps with your new year projects and I will be doing this myself this week and I will take before and after pics to show you what I did to keep myself organized.

Fashionably Late,
Under Cover Fashion Lover

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