Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catwalk Controversy

The Daze from New York's Fashion Week is not over! Along with the wonderfully designed garments, the over the top horrible garments and the glamour that is fashion week, there has also been some controversy. The Council of Fashion Designers of America has passed a rule that no model under the age of 16 would be allowed to walk the runway.

Marc Jacob, a member of the CFDA has decided to go against the majority, he had two models walking the runway, both 14 years old. According to the models and Jacobs, the parents of the two models are fine with the young girls modeling. Jacobs and Ford Modeling Agency, have said that both the girls have a high level of maturity and they take that into account when hiring such young women for the runway.

(ABC News)

The reason the age minimum was set at 16 was for the safety and concern for the girls modeling. Some think that the pressure of the model 'image' along with male photographers back stage and other adult situations may pose an issue for young models.

Jacob's does not see the problem with the age of his models since there are many young models in print, movies and more. Personally I do not see a problem if the models parents consent to the show. I do see the views of others as how this could be seen as a bit of a problem for young girls. However, there are much worst things they could be doing in this world then staring a career as a model. Marc Jacob is a very influential designer and for him to use younger models with the permission of their parents does not seem to be a huge problem. What is you opinion on the matter?

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