Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ladies, do you need help shopping?

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? That is the typical response for women everywhere when trying to pick an outfit for the day, or a special occasion. Many of us just do not know how to pair things together well, others have issues when it comes to shopping.

It all starts at the point of sale. When you go out shopping, it can be intimidating at times, so many things to choose from. 'Will it look good on me?' ' Is this appropriate for my age bracket?' 'Does this flatter my shape and size?'

These are some of the questions women go through when trying to shop for the latest trends. Well, if you have had or are still having trouble choosing clothing from stores or even your own wardrobe I have a solution to your problems.

I am here at your service for all your fashion advice and help! If you are looking for an outfit for a particular event or even trying to pair some of the items you currently own, send me pictures of yourself and your garments and I can help you via the pictures to pick out an outstanding ensemble to fit your budget and your shape!

If you are looking to buy an outfit at the store or online send me pictures of those too and I can help you pick out something that will flatter your individual look. If you also need help to accessorise your look I can be a great help with that as well!

I look forward to getting pictures from you all and helping make everyday a walk on the runway for you fashionistas!

Fashionably Late,
Under Cover Fashion Lover

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