Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Something has gotten into me! For the last few weeks I have been unstoppable, cleaning, creating, writing, and very very productive with almost everything! Since I recently moved (ok, not so recently it was about 3 months ago) I decided to completely clean my bedroom and organize my closet.

So here is a picture of my closet, after I organized it and put everything in its proper place. If you notice some of my drawers are still empty its because I still have a lot of boxes to go through and they are full of clothes. I have even gave some away to my sister and started a box for donating, when you stay the same size since the time you were 14 you pretty much never grow out of anything. With the styles always changing and me adding to my collection and never wearing anything until it is old I have so many clothes and shoes this is just a taste!

Hope you enjoy my organizational skills!

Fashionably Late,

Under Cover Fashion Lover 

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