Saturday, November 3, 2012

New York's Devastation and the Effect on the Fashion Industry

This past week has brought devastation to New York, Super Storm Sandy has destroyed homes and families, and has effected many of New York's major industries.

As you may know I work for a fashion design company in Manhattan, luckily everyone in my company is safe and weathering the aftermath of the storm as best they can. What does his mean for the fashion world? Well many of you probably know that the fashion industry works a year ahead of time.Which means designs for next fall's season are currently being created.

With the current situation in NY it has clearly caused a slight delay as far as the eventual production dates for the fall season. Meetings have been pushed back and deadlines are not going to be met. Consumers will most likely not see a differnece as far as shopping for Fall 13. Lucky for you your favorite stores and boutiques will still have all your usual designers and products you are used to seeing.

For me, however; I have finally been able to see a glimpse of reality this disaster has created. For me here in Chicago my life has not been effected by any natural disasters. Past events that have happened in the United States and around the world have always seemed surreal. This experience has showed me the horrible circumstances that New Yorker's are currently facing. We can only hope that help for them comes swiftly.

For my job and as far as fashion is concerned, well the show must go on. Life is a fashion show and the world is your runway..even if it is flooded.

Fashionably late,
Under Cover Fashion Lover

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