Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time, TV and Fashion

Usually I do not post about TV shows; however, when recently watching a show called Once Upon a Time on ABC I was actually quite stunned at the creativity put forth in their costumes.

If you have never seen the show before the title gives it away, it is about all the classic story book characters we know and love. Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, I think you get the point. The show takes place in 'fairytale land' and in our modern day world.

As you can imagine, the clothing that the characters wear during their time in 'fairytale land' is classic costumes from the stories and cartoons we would picture when thinking of a princess. Quite frankly when hearing of this show it sounded a little weird, upon watching it I realized it was actually very good!

On top of the great cast and story line I was very interested in the clothing worn by the characters in the 'fairytale land'. The wardrobe is very very intriguing, creative and pure awesome. Of course not every character has the most stylish or lavish ensembles, however the princess' have very stunning dresses. Prince charming looks quite handsome in his elaborate time period pieces. The Evil Queen has by far out done the rest of the cast in her intricate and high fashioned garments.

If you have not had a chance to watch the show first hand I would highly suggest it. It has something for guys and gals alike. Old and young this show has a wide variety of story lines for everyone. If your not into watching it at least take a second to Google some images from the show to take a peek at the amazing costumes. Props to the wardrobe specialists, job well done.

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