Friday, June 21, 2013

Festival Wear is all the Rage this Summer!

Today is the first day of summer, but unofficially it has already begun! Even with Chicago's weather being, well, Chicago's typical unpredictable weather, everyone has already started celebrating the season.
This year we kicked off our summer right with a music festival! Memorial Day weekend my boyfriend and I, along with a bunch of friends attended Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL. It was such a wonderful experience! I had such a great time as well as everyone else! Rage!!!!

Unfortunately for the designer/fashion lover side of me the weather did not cooperate with us and it was cold and raining the majority of the time. Which put a damper on my most favorite part of any activity, the fashion aspect of it! We did not let that stop our fun! We still partied on and enjoyed the music and the company! We really did have a blast!!

With this years Coachella kicking off the early spring/summer activities in California, I was getting pretty hyped about attending our local festival to witness and participate in the wild and crazy festival fashion trends I was seeing all over the Internet. Blogs and fashion magazines alike have been displaying images of festival goers wearing their most amazing festival gear.

Guess and Forever 21 have come out with their own 'Festival Fashion' lines. H&M has also started their own music/fashion festival. But, that is another story! This summer is also the official 'Summer of Punk' with the exhibit at the Met Museum in New York City. This summer's fashion is based completely on music.

Here are some pics from our fun weekend!!! Please come back and read some more articles and stories on Festival Fashion, and The Summer of Punk, along with the latest and greatest scoop on Guess, Forever 21, H&M and their participation in festival looks and styles. Last but not least I will be doing a fashion recap of all the fests and fashion and music collaborations that have already happened this year and what we can expect to see in the near future!!!

Summer has just begun, lets get this party started right!!! Send me pics of your favorite festival/concert fashions and I will post pics up for others to see and get inspiration of!!!

Fashionably Late,


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