Monday, September 23, 2013

New York City

Hello Friends! Life has been crazy here at RunwayDaze, so I apologies for my brief  hiatus, but I'M BACK!
So get ready for more fashion fun than you can handle! Let me give you the cliff notes version of what I have been up to!

As you may or may not know I am a fashion designer for a New York based company. Up until now I was working out of our Chicago office. Two months ago they asked me to move to their main office in New York City and who could say no to that? Not me! I accepted and packed up my whole life and my boyfriend and off we were to the big apple! Let me tell you,they aren't kidding, it is very big here, with lots to see and do and I cannot wait to try it all!

As for my job here I am in love! I loved my job before, but this is where I was truly meant to be! I work in the Garment District of New York which is filled with trim shops, fabric stores and sample sale stores! What more could a designer girl ask for?! Everyday I find another great store to explore, and I cannot wait to go work each day! That's why I went into fashion in the first place!

As for living here the feelings are the same! I love my cute little, busy and loud neighborhood! It is filled with diversity, culture and is a very strong community! The hustle and bustle of city life is so much different from my cozy suburb back home in Chicago and I am loving the new experience! I was in need of a new adventure and I sure got one here!

I am very excited to continue my blog here in N.Y. and bring you a different take on fashion since my whole world has been flipped upside down. Fashion in New York is very different than in Chicago, and I will give you my take on New York vs. Chicago fashion!

Check back to see more on my crazy, flying by the seat of your pants lifestyle here in the big apple!

Fashionably Late,

P.S. Here are some bonus pictures from the Garment District here in New York!

 1955- two men pushing garment racks down the street in the Garment District in Manhattan.
The Fashion Districts Needle and Button Information Booth.

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