Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's the Weather Today?

It has been 3 weeks since I arrived in N.Y. with my boyfriend.  Of course the day we moved in was the hottest day we have had since we got here. The weather here is not too much different than back in Chicago. However, the women of New York seem to pay no attention to the weather at all.
Mr.Amazing and I have noticed in our short time here that no matter the weather women here wear whatever they want. If I were to take a picture today of women walking down the street,  you would not be able to tell if it was 50 degrees or 80!
This morning it was a cool 52 degrees outside when I left the house. On my way to work I saw some puffy winter coats with scarves. I also saw some skirts with flip flops. Women here decide which season they want it to be and dress for that season!
I personally check the weather everyday so I know how to dress myself. Maybe that's a side effect of living in Illinois my whole life. Not that the weather channel can ever get it right in the windy city!        
(P.S. Not many people know this, Chicago's nick name the 'The Windy City' has nothing to do with the weather! )
Fall is what everyone here should be dressing for. Check back for some fall layering tips, and popular fall trends here in New York! 
Fashionably Late,


  1. Great and true article.


    Mr. Amazing.

  2. Nice article. Chicago is the Windy City because of the Democratic conventions held there. Politicians full of hot air!

  3. Thank you Jack! And Dirk you are correct most people think it has to do with wind! :)

  4. Great article. I love the picture. Can't wait to see NY with my own eyes next week. Love your biggest fan.