Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throw Back Thursday

In true throw back Thursday tradition, here is a picture of a true thing from the past.
Ruffle socks remind me of childhood, as a little girl my mom had me wearing these all the time. Today walking down the streets of New York I happened to come across a woman wearing socks just like these with her sneakers.

Are these coming back? Was it a one time thing? I am in New York the city of crazy and unusual things, it could of been a fluke but be on the lookout they might be making a comeback! Remember you heard it! here first!!

Happy Throw Back Thursday everyone and keep your eyes pealed for more throwbacks that maybe coming back around! Fashion is always full circle!

Fashionably Late,


P.S. Have you seen any oldies but goodies that coming back into fashion? Tell me about it!

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