Friday, November 22, 2013

How much is that?

Here is the scene, your walking around the mall with your boo and your eye catches something you just have to have. As you swoon, thinking of all the ways you can utilize this in your wardrobe, you notice the price tag! Ouch!

Being a fashion designer by profession, I have a hard time purchasing items I can easily make myself. With knowledge of industry costs, I know about how much an item should cost. Spending well over triple the cost does not go over well with me.

I came across an outfit recently that I thought I had to have untill I checked the price tag! How much for that?? Yes I could have easily afforded, it but on principle alone I could not pay what they were charging.

So I pulled some things from my closet and recreated it with my own clothes! Cha ching!

Red Flannel over a black dress with a warm cozy infinity scarf!! Perfect fall or winter outfit. Pair it with leggings and leather boots and your set!

Fashionably Late,

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