Friday, January 31, 2014

Creative Juices Being Served

Creative juices are flowing over here! I had a big glass of creativity this past weekend and have been on a roll with making scarfs, paintings, and jewelry, for days now! 

I am a very creative person and I love to make things, all kinds of things, clothes, jewelry, crafts, anything where I can express myself. 

Sunday night I decided to finally paint over my old canvas that has been sitting waiting for new art to be born from it. So I decided to paint it! With Mr. Amazing on the guitar I painted away and after I finished, changed my mind, restarted and finished again I was pleased with the results. So was my Amazing, he hung it up right away! :) 

Next I made a bracelet out of old blue hemp I had lying around with a seashell closure. It was fun and occupied my hands for a while.Simple but cute.

I also finished up a scarf for Mr. Amazing so he could wear it to work to keep warm. Sorry realized I do not have a picture of it, so use your imagination!

Then I ordered some Sari Silk from and when it came a few days later I made a wrap bracelet and a shell necklace! 

How do you like all my projects? Want me to make any of them for you? Let me know! 

Have a great weekend fashion friends!

Fashionably Late, 

Jenny XO