Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fashion Shift

Fashion is a constantly evolving industry, trends change, silhouettes change, fabrics and prints change. You might say fashion is like art and is never completely finished, there is always room for improvement.

Personal style is also an ever changing evolution of ones self expression. Recently I feel like so much in my life has changed and I feel so much more relaxed, my fashion tastes seem to be reflecting that as well. 

Its been almost 5 months to the day since Mr. Amazing and I moved our little crew from Chicago to N.Y.C.  Most people would credit New Yorkers to be fast paced individuals who live by the New York Minute and rush around all the time. Well for me New York is more relaxing then living in Chicago. I am sure this will eventually change as my social calendar fills up and we meet more people and have more places to go. For now we are enjoying the down time and the fact that I only work one job now instead of two or sometimes three. 

My newest favorite style of fashion is Bohemian style fashion. The look is so eclectic and fun, also very colorful which is something different for my fashion style. I am an all black all the time type of girl, I absolutely love color but seem to lack it in my wardrobe.

Here are some pictures of looks I have found around the internet and have fallen in love with. My favorite piece is this black white and red tunic with lace. I cannot find this anywhere for sale, my only options is to make it.  Lucky for me my creativity lately has been on over drive! :) 

These are some of my favorite looks I came across while surfing my favorite site Pintrest. If you want to see more boards and pins of mine you can follow me on Pintrest here

Are you currently obsessing over a specific style or trend? Share some pictures!

Fashionably Late, 

Jenny XO 



  1. I can relate to what you're saying about one's fashion evolving. As we grow more confident in who we are and what we represent, I believe we then give ourselves permission to wear what we really like and what resonates with us. I'm fond of the flowy tops in many bohemian themed looks. However, as a die-hard lover sharp lines and slim cuts, I mix such pieces with slim cut ankle pants, sharp midi skirts, and figure defining obi belts.

    Is my interpretation different, absolutely! However is unapologetically me:)

    Confessions of A Fashion Stylist

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, I can totally imagine your vision of flowy boho tops with slim pants! Very cute! Love that look!! I will also have to check out your blog as well! Thanks for stopping by hope you come back soon!