Monday, January 13, 2014

Fashion vs. Style

  "Fashion is what they give you four times a year, style is what you make of it."

One of my favorite quotes. This is very true to who I am in the world of fashion. I am unique and not your normal fashionista or fashion blogger. I love the latest trends just as much as the next girl, but not all of them are my style and I know that, and that's ok! I only choose what is right for me, and I make the trends work for my style.

That is my favorite part about fashion, it is up to you to show the world who you are with your fashion. It is not the job of the fashion industry and designers to tell you who you are. There is no fashion judge and jury, no one can judge your fashion with any type of authority. So be proud of who you are and rock your look!

As long and you are confident and comfortable in what you wear and how you wear it you will be in style!

Fashion designers and fashion magazines are there to show you what the world of fashion has to offer, not to dictate what you wear. So I challenge you to stop being a fashion drone and create your own look and rock the world like it's your runway! Fashion is everywhere, ready, set, here it comes!

Fashionably Late,

Jenny XO



  1. I am crazy about Tory Burch rain boots and tote bags. My mom bought me this stuff on my last birthday and I really love wearing them.

    1. They are super cute boots! Thanks for reading my blog! Come back soon!