Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feeling a little blue today?

These on going winter months can make even the happiest of people a little down and out some days. No need to panic, you're not alone. Many people can experience seasonal mood changes and of course winter can be drab and boring for some. 

If you need a little pick me up this winter try one of my techniques. I was feeling a little off the last couple of days so I went on a small shopping trip. Not looking to splurge or break the bank and on the hunt for new pants I went to Old Navy. 

I typically never shop here but it was on the way to another store I was going to so I stopped in. I found a pair of pants that I actually loved! 

The feel of these cotton skinnies are to die for, super soft and comfortable! The reason I instantly had to have these pants is for all the zippers! Count them folks, 4 zippers! (Not including the closure.) 

So, the edgy factor was there, which I always have to have in my wardrobe. So, I choose a pair of dark grey Rock Star Zip-Pocket Pants. Then I also choose a pair of tan ones!

This was completely out of my comfort zone! I am so black and white tan is no where to be found in my closet! Last night while thinking of what to wear today for work I decided I would wear the tan pants to be different and also to lighten my mood!

Your clothing choices are like art, expressing your emotions and personality and letting some bright and/or colorful items into your wardrobe can help shape your mood! What are your go to fashion choices to brighten your day? 

Fashionably Late, 

Jenny XO


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