Sunday, January 12, 2014

Make 2014 a successful money year!

Living in N.Y.C. I have realized that I LOVE to shop! It is very dangerous to be my paycheck while I walk to work everyday in the Garment District, seeing sample sales everywhere is very tempting.

I always knew I loved to shop and I loved clothes (that's why I got into fashion in the first place) but living in a big city where fashion is first and foremost has really brought out my shopping weakness. I am working to save money this year so that I can shop and take vacations and live the life I want, while still paying my rent! Seems challenging? Nah, not at all, you just have to be frugal and wise about your money! Don't worry, I am here to help!

I have always been a great saver, and watching my savings account grow is a high as great as new shoes to me! One thing I have found on another bloggers page is the 52 week money challenge, it is a very simple way to save money week by week. Click the link for the savings chart. Every week you put a determined amount of money into your savings account. Each week the amount grows, starting at week 1, you save $1. The last week is $52, even on the most expensive week you are still only saving $52! That is very doable amount. At the end of the year you will have $1,378.00!! ( We are only on week two, you can catch up!)

I have personally challenged myself to save double the amount for the first 26 weeks, to save even more money! I hope I can make this goal a reality!

The second way Mr. Amazing and I have decided to save money came from a TV show we recently saw. The show was based on individuals who classified themselves as cheapskates, I would not include myself in that category, but one idea did peak my interest.

The family participated in a financial fast! What is a financial fast? Well Mr. Amazing and I have decided that 6 times a year, once every two months, we would take one week and not spend any money! Sounds easy enough right? So, that means, no buying lunch, no morning coffee, no beers at the bar on Saturday, no buying take out, and lastly no online shopping! The morning coffee will honestly pose the most trouble for me! I love my DD coffee!

Can you imagine how much money you could save in one week if you cut out those small purchases? Just for coffee/breakfast and lunch I personally could save $390.00 in those 6 fasting weeks for the year! That's a plane ticket, or a nice shopping spree! Wow!

Well those are our savings goals for the year! What are you goals? Will you try any of our techniques? Share your goal for the year with us!!! Good Luck!

Fashionably Late,

Jenny XO


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