Friday, February 21, 2014

Bring on the Spring

In the fashion industry things move very fast! So fast in fact that at my job we are already working on Spring 2015!

It is normal for the fashion industry to work a year ahead of time, this allows garments to be produced and placed into the stores and ready for your buying pleasure. For me this always makes me anxious for the coming season in fashion. Not only do I dislike the cold weather but researching trends and drawing for Spring is making me long for Spring Fashion! 

So today I am dreaming of warmer climates and trying to shake my winter blues! Spring where are you? Here are some images of my favorite spring staples and what I am mostly looking forward to sporting as soon as the weather breaks!

Sandals! Yes I desperately miss having exposed toes! :) I love the look of sandals and sporting a great pedicure at the same time! Gladiator style is my favorite I have a million pairs and I could still buy more!

Next comes a great pair of shades! I know you can wear them in the winter too, I do all the time but there is something great about wearing them in summer when it is warm and bright out!

Destroyed denim jean shorts are probably my favorite kind of short! They go with anything, you can dress them up dress them down, make them all punk and you can even make them yourself! WIN WIN!

Last but never least we have the summer dress! White is probably my favorite color of the summer and a white summer dress is basically a staple in my closet every season. Flowy and Boho like it is my go to outfit for almost any occasion.

Happy Friday loves! Make you weekend great! 

Fashionably Late,

Jenny XO



  1. Love the White Dress!!! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks StyleMeShea! I love it too! This is totally my style and perfect for a warm day! This is a go anywhere kinda look! Thanks for you comment!

  3. Love the looks, I am a sandles girl and can't wait!

    1. I agree, cannot wait to wear sandals and show off a pedi!