Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oscar Worthy

I am not huge on award shows, nor am I huge on watching the stars walk down the red carpet. Since everything will be on he Internet 30 minutes later I decided to spend my time Sunday night watching The Walking Dead instead and I think I made the right choice! :)

As I said everything will hit the Internet eventually so I did tune into some sights to see some of the fashion that graced the soaking wet red carpet this year. Surprisingly I was not crazy about much of what I saw. To me most of the dresses were very plain and boring. However, I did like the Alexander McQueen dress that Sandra Bullock wore. 

This dress is classic and simple with amazing fabric and perfectly gathered at the waist to draw the eye into the waist. Also the long train really caught my eye and this was instantly my favorite gown of the night! 

If you follow my Facebook page you will know that I did post some celeb selfies as the night went on, but I had to share this one.

I am sure you have seen it since it was the most tweeted picture but had to share again because who could not love this amazing picture! Who could not smile at this sight! 

Hope you enjoyed the Oscars or if you are like me you enjoyed The Walking Dead! 

Fashionably Late, 

Jenny XO


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