Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

      Are you ready for week two of Pinterest Picks of the week? I couldn't wait until Wednesday to show you all the Pins I have been swooning over all week! Ready or not here come the Pins!!

Dream catcher tank with fringe! Heaven in a shirt! Yes please! 


This vanity area was so inspiring to my home life. It has such a relaxed feeling that you just can't help but feel pampered!  I need a space like this! Every girl does!! Love the boho feel!


This dress is so long and elegant I couldn't hit the Pin button fast enough!  The silhouette is so flattering and who doesn't love a mermaid dress! 


Swim suit season is quickly approaching and this suit is the most gorgeous one piece I have ever seen! The top is my favorite I love this look and neck shape! (P.S. see the next pick)


So as I was saying I love a lace or knit around the neck it is so feminine while keeping it classy! This shirt also has a small mandarin collar which is very pretty and flattering! ! Summer here I come!


So I'm having a little bit of wanderlust lately and this picture just made me want to go exploring even more! Since our move to NY Mr. Amazing and I haven't been able to go see a lot since it's been winter this picture reminded me we have a lot to see here very soon!!


Since spring is right around the corner, I mean literally the first day is tomorrow!  This picture reminded me of the warm spring nights sitting by a fire and the water which I love so very much!


This boho skirt is the perfect skirt for a summer day or a music festival! This actually an item from a shop on Etsy. It was already sold but there might be more like it so check out the shop! (KayLim)


This is an easy way to determine which fest would be best for you this summer!  This is from Nasty Gal! I got Bonnaroo!


This look is amazing from head to toe and I especially love the fringe booties! 

Hope you enjoyed this week's picks! Stop by next week for more Pinterest Picks!  

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  1. Such a great article. I especially like dream catcher tank.

    1. I love that tank too! I have to find one! :) Thanks for your comment!

  2. Number 3 is my favorite! Love the belt!

    1. That belt is amazing! Love the effect of the peplum also!