Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pinterest Pins of the Week!

Happy Wednesday friends, you know what time it is... Pin time!! That's right the Pinja has struck again. See what I found for you this week! 

This picture is the perfect way to start this list off! Welcome to paradise because this post is all about summer!! This has been a cold harsh winter and everyday the only thing that is keeping me going is thinking about the warm weather they promise is on its way! 

Keeping up with the warm weather theme, who is ready for the beach?? Sand and sun what more could you want!! :)

If your not headed to the beach but want to look ready for summer try some white jeans. They give the perfect look for a spring or summer day with a lose striped button down, you will have the perfect casual outfit! 

This scarf is amazing, so fun and funky, perfect for a chilly night out on the beach sitting by a bonfire! Can you picture it? 

So now that your at the beach you need something to sit on right? How about this Grateful Dead tapestry! Perfect! You can actually buy this on click here to view!

Want some tunes for the beach? Here is a wonderfully decorated tambourine! Portable and fashionable music right at your fingertips! Gypsy life! 

 Ok you can't always be at the beach sometimes you have to join the rest of the world on land! So here is a pretty sparkly skirt to wear once you brush off all the sand! 

If your over the beach hair here is a style you can wear with your pretty skirt in the city! BIG hair is beautiful!

Red and ruffles, what more could a girl want? I choose this picture because its just plain gorgeous! The bright color and sleeveless style reminded me of the warm nights of the summer! Go glam girls! 


Last but defiantly not least are these ankle booties with fringe! These are my latest obsession! I actually have been swooning over a pair the last month and finally after seeing this pin decided it was time to buy them! Plus they were on sale, a no brainier!! Total summer time boot! Perfect for music fests! 

Alright summer we are ready, where are you!?

Fashionably Late, 




  1. Definitely another great article. Keep pushing the Grateful Summer.

  2. Thanks so much! This is going to be a very Grateful summer!