Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pintrest Picks's of the Week

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I am what some of my coworkers refer to as a Pinja! If you don't follow me on Pinterest, you should! Guys and girl followers have told me they LOVE my Pins! 

I admit I probably have a problem, but I love fashion and I love to shop and Pinterest is an easy way for me to get the feel of shopping without actually blowing my entire paycheck on ALL the clothes and shoes and sandals and jewelry and... well you get the point, its cheaper!! 

Also Pinterest is a very inspirational site for home decor and DIY projects that you can do on a budget! It also has tons of fashion DIY's that you can make from things you probably already own! Winning! So, I surf the Pintrest pages daily and I get a lot of inspiration for my life there! I love it! 

So if you do not have a Pinterest to follow me or just would like to get a weekly update on my top 10 Pinterest picks of the week you are in luck because this is something new I am trying! 

Ready or not here come the Pins!!!


I picked this skirt because the colors are amazing and I cannot wait to wear skirts again without tights or leggings!! Warm weather please get here soon! 


I love the idea of this DIY bra makeover! I have a lot of muscle band tees that would look great with a sparkly bra underneath them. It is also an alternative to the bandeau! 

I love these winged sandals! All the bling and the wings totally have me dying to show off my toes! 


For me it's all in the detail! So this bikini was definitely a top pick for me! All the studs and beading goes well with this simple suit! 

As we approach spring this is an easy look with a little bit of attitude! Girly dress with a leather motorcycle jacket and some black leggings! P.S. don't forget the shades!


Everyone needs a little tie dye in their life during the summer months! And check out this hat! Perfect summer outfit! Can you say Coachella!


This look pretty much describes my personal style to a T. Destroyed denim, Aviators, long flowing vest, hair up! Yep, this is totally me! Also this is great for a day in the city, simple and cool! 

Destroyed denim shorts are some of the easier summer looks to match with about anything. You can even make them yourself out of your old jeans! ( I will have a tutorial on this coming up!)


Nothing I do is ever simple, I like everything busy busy busy even my jewelry. Lot of rings and wrap bracelets are the look of the moment so make your own mash up! ( Great color combo!)


Ok, I probably would not actually wear this Adventure Book necklace but I love the idea of having a book of adventures! I have always been a dreamer and looking for an adventure and I finally got one! Now that I have taken my first big leap of faith I cannot wait for my next adventure which I am sure is right around the corner!  So this last but not least pick was purely just for fun!

I hope you liked this post of mostly fashion picks from Pinterest! Let me know what you think! I love to hear your responses! 

Happy Pinning!!

Fashionably Late, 
Under Cover 

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