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Top 5 Music Festivals of the 2014!

 March 20th is the first day of spring and it is time to start planning all your spring and summer events and vacations! Mr. Amazing and I are planning on attending some music festivals this year. We will even be traveling back home to Chicago for Summer Camp Music Festival!!

We attended Summer Camp last year and the experience was so amazing I wrote about it  here! I was very excited to share my experience with you since it was my first ever 3 day long music festival and it literally changed my life. Music festivals can be a great place to listen to music, make friends, experience new things, and see awesome fashion statements! That is one thing I will be posting more about as these festivals start approaching!  So check back for more festival fashion!!

Here are 5 of the best music fests around the country in 2014!!

One of the biggest fests in the country and very popular to the fashion community is Coachella
Coachella is held on April 18-20 in Indio, California! Coachella is very popular among the fashion community and probably has the most luck with this since their weather is the most predictable and warm. 

Summer Camp Music Fest in Chilicothe, Illinois on Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-25) is a little less predictable, some years the fest has been extremely hot and other years such as 2013 it was cold and raining! That does not stop the SCampers from coming out and enjoying the show rain or shine! Besides those Chicago kids are used the weather!

 Mountain Jam is another great festival which takes place in Hunter Mountain, New York on June 5-8. This year will be their 10th year in a row holding the festival, so it is sure to be a fun time with lots of awesome bands performing! This is the second festival Mr. Amazing and I plan on attending this year it will be our first time attending and we are super stoked to experience it! 

Another well know music festival is Wakarusa Music Festival in Ozark, Arkansas this happens to fall on the same weekend as Mountain Jam, June 5-8. The fest is held on Mulberry Mountain and on its 11th year. This is defiantly a must attend fest if you are in the south. I hope to get the chance to attend one summer!!

Next on the summer line up is Bonnaroo Music and Arts Fest in Manchester, Tennessee on June 12-15. Bonnaroo is the biggest music festival of its kind and has been running longer than most fests starting back in 2002! That's a lot of Bonnaroo! There is so much to offer in this one fest you won't want to miss it!!

Last, but definitely not least exciting is Electric Forest held in Rothbury, Michigan on June 26-29! It's all in the name here folks! The woods really come to life with all the lights and music and become a real site to see! If you ever have the chance to attend Electric Forest be ready for a party in the Sherwood Forest!!

I picked these 5 fests because they are all very different and unique with different kinds of music and of course fashion!! No matter which kind of fest you like or genre of music all of these have the same theme, a 3 day escape from reality with music,friends,camping and mind altering experiences!!

Happy festing my friends!!!

Please comment and me know which fest you are most looking forward to!!

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