Thursday, April 24, 2014

Festival Season Kicked off with Coachella!

Coachella has come and gone and kick started the 2014 festival season with a bang! 

I was unfortunately unable to travel across the country for the most coveted of music and arts festivals around the country. My biggest interest in the particular fest is of course the fashion! I have gathered some pictures of fashion trends to grace the festival grounds of Coachella this year! So those of us that were not lucky enough to attend can see what was trending and gear up for our own local festivals! 

Two of my favorite looks from Coachella have to be these two worn by Vanessa Hudgens. Look one is simply perfect with her large brimmed hat and ankle boots, and look at that red kimono jumper! LOVE! 
Look two has the same simplicity bikini top, denim shorts, again a large brimmed hat, and many accessories such as poo-ca shell sandals, long earrings, and many necklaces. You can't forget that big belt either, all these things piled on to a simple outfit is what makes this look awesome. 

Festival fashion Tip #1: Get yourself a big floppy hat they will be everywhere this festival season! 

 This outfit choice by Paris Hilton is another great option for a festival goer. A long light weight dress is a great way to stay cool and look amazing at the same time. Pair it with some comfy gladiator sandals and cute shades and lots of bracelets and your set. This is also a good dress to dance around it loose and flowy! 

Festival Fashion Tip #2: Tie Dye and ombre prints are still very popular and will be on dresses, skirts, t-shirts and more! 

Fergie being ever so stylish is wearing of course a hat, and a white fringe vest! She paired it with denim cut offs and graphic tank. Her look; however, would not be complete without those awesome shades! 

Festival Fashion Tip #3: Fringe is fashion. If you can find something with fringe on it, get it! Fringe purse, fringe vest, fringe jacket, fringe crop top, fringe boots, fringe sandals, its fringe fever! 
.Festival fashion = fringe

Guys, here is a look for you brought to you by the amazing Jared Leto. So if you thought printed pants where only for women you would be wrong my friend. Zebra printed pants on Jared are looking pretty cool. He paired it with a white bro tank which looks to be inside out, and in case it gets cold he has a flannel tied around his waist! 

Festival Tip #4: If you think something is out dated and out of style or maybe doesn't even match, throw it all together and you have the perfect festival look! 

Selena Gomez rocked the boho look at Coachella with this long flower lace dress. She wore her combat boots and a cute brown hat and of course some sunnies to pull it all together. She also has some body jewelery on her forehead to add a little extra gypsy to her ensemble.

Festival Fashion Tip #5: Add body jewelry, body glitter and body paint wherever and whenever you can, festivals are the only place those things are acceptable! 

Now that we got a taste of what the fashion was like at the two weekend music and art extravaganza that is Coachella, what do you think you will be wearing to your local music festival? 

Send me some pics of your past and future looks and I will post them for others to see!! 
Can you say collage?!

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