Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

This following weekend Mr. Amazing and I came across a flea market while on our usual adventures. We decided to take a look around and we found some really cool things! 

Apparently Hell's Kitchen Flea Market is very popular in NYC and we were lucky enough to find it!

During our search of treasures we came across an old gold glass bottle. It had a picture of George Washington on it and an eagle on the opposite side. I asked the man selling it he said it was used for holding alcohol. It looked cool enough to me so I grabbed it for a surprise gift for my dad (bottle collector).

Again we were on the look out for some more interesting finds. Mr. Amazing came across an old WWll backpack. A little bit of haggling later he is the proud owner of a WWll backpack!

Last but not least Mr. Amazing bought me a cute dream catcher bracelet since he knows I've kind of become obsessed with dream catchers.

Here are some pictures of our treasures!

Do you ever find awesome treasures at your local flea market?  Send some pictures! 

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