Friday, April 25, 2014

Mother's day is coming!

Mother's Day 2014 is right around the corner, this holiday always sneaks up on me since it is so close to Easter. That; however, is no excuse for not getting your mom something great! 
I thought of some things to buy your mom or if you are crafty some things to make her! 
No, it's not a pasta necklace or a finger painting, these are seriously cute gifts she will love! 

If you are far from home you might like to get her something to remind her of you everyday! 
This pillow is made of all your Instagram pictures and printed onto a pillow! What a great way for her to see your smiling face! I found this idea on of course Pinterest! Here is the site you need to go to, send them your Instagram pictures and they will send you a pillow easy as that!

If you live in another state here is an idea for you!
Here is the link to the site that will give you step by step instructions on how to make this cute wall decoration. This can be done with any state in any colors!

Do you have any old t-shirts laying around? Maybe some old jerseys? I know I have a ton from all my years of softball. Well you can make your mom a quilt with all your old shirts!
Here is a link to show you how to make this tie quilt! You can also sew it together if you know how to sew! It is really easy you don't even need a machine!

Maybe your mom likes home decor, fancy up her space with some decorative wine bottles! 
Drink some wine, glue some stuff on, fun and a gift! You can be as creative with this as you wish, use beads, glitter, gems, fabric, pictures, sticker letters! Whatever your heart desires! 

These are just a few ideas to get you started, I cannot share all my ideas because my mom does read my blog and I need to make her something!! 

If you are looking for more DIY ideas you can head over to my DIY board on Pinterest and look at all the fun ideas on there! If you want to do a fashion DIY check out my Fashion It's What I Do board!! 

Fashionably Late,




  1. Great ideas and post, love it!



    1. Thanks for reading Dee, I am glad you liked it. I also took a look at your blog and followed you on Bloglovin! Happy blogging!