Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Well I have to apologies for my slight disappearance, life sometimes takes over and I missed Picks of the week last week! Ah! Well the world didn't stop turning and I am sure you all survived!

Let's just see what this week has to offer! 


I am currently obsessed with dream catchers and  I love this painting with this saying! Very inspirational! Take inspiration anywhere you can get it and let it push you towards your dreams! 


We have had some nice days so far this spring and I have actually broken out the sandals! So this pair made me smile when I saw them. The color and the gold charms make for the perfect summer combination! I am not sure where you can find these but if anyone knows please share it!! :) 


This Aztec print dress in white, gold, turquoises, and champagne is my absolute favorite find this week! This is perfect for summer night out with some cute wedges and a small clutch bag! You can rock this during the day or night! What would you pair it with?


 If your out shopping or walking around the park this pair of white jeans with perfectly positioned tears are the perfect look for a spring outfit. With built in air conditioning you won't get to warm either!


I know it is getting a little warm to be thinking about leg warmers. If you love these like me you will not care! You will probably also find a time to wear these this summer, oh let's say by the campfire at night with your good friends and some good music. Putting pants on would be a hassle! Slide these on with your shorts!


 Speaking of camp fires, this view reminds me of my own pictures I have taken while camping. This is my luxury hotel with a view! So peaceful and relaxing. If you have never camped before this is the summer to try something new! Take inspiration from the outdoors and bring it to your creative side!


I picked this Pin to share with you because something new I have taken up recently is hooping! You should really take a look at this article if hooping is something you might be interested in. It gives you a look into the community and the art of hoop dancing! Also, a fun and great workout! I love it so far and plan to continue learning tricks and techniques!


This image perfectly portrays my style (on some days, it constantly changes). Leather, studs and purple hair! Love the look! The purple hair might be pushing it for me but hey for a weekend I could totally rock it!


This is such a good quote to remember. Surround yourself with people that inspire you to do good, because words, attitudes and actions can rub off!


The final pin of the week is this quote by E. E. Cummings, because I love the part about the traveler! I often feel that I am meant to keep moving and never stay too long in one place! This quote says exactly how I feel as soon as I get used to a new place!

Hope you liked my picks of the week! I love sharing with you!!

Happy Wednesday!

Fashionably Late,




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