Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Have you heard of the 4 year old fashion designer?

Today I am paying tribute to a little fashion designer who goes by the name Mayhem! 
The 4 year old is featured on her parent's blog and to keep a bit of privacy they refer to her as Mayhem. 

 I may be Fashionably Late on this one, I found Mayhem on Refinery29 a blog I frequent. Earlier this year they did an article about Mayhem a 4 year old designer who with the help of her mother designs some pretty unique and avant garde pieces. Most of the designs are made from construction paper, tissue paper, tape, glue and other household items. 

The creativity that Mayhem and her mother put into these dresses are outstanding! Her mother says they do this just for fun and that Mayhem only wears the dresses for a short period of time. They enjoy making these dresses together and it is a creative outlet for her daughter. 

It is really amazing how this mother is so supportive of her daughters imagination, she is showing her they can do anything they want in this world. That is a very positive message to share with your children. 

Here are some pictures of Mayhem and her designs. You can see her blog here along with more pictures!

What a great way to share an interest with your kid! I hope you enjoyed this post about Mayhem! I love when parents support their children in their endeavors, support is everything in this crazy world we live in! 

Fashionably Late,



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