Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Guess what day it is? Pinterest picks of the week day! :) 

Life has been a little crazy around here (when is it not?). So last week I missed PPW, please forgive me! :) 

This week I have some great picks for you, take a look! 


This week I have been all about keeping it casual. Don't let anyone tell you casual is not cute! This girl has it down to a science. Side braid, open flannel shirt with a cute screen printed tee and solid baseball hat. This look is perfect for a lazy day around the house or office or running errands. Still looking cute and oh so comfy! Nailed it! 

When you are looking to be a little more eccentric you can try a pair of decorated leather leggings. This pair is beautiful and the styling in this picture match it perfectly. This is a great look for a concert or night out with friends. Very inspiring

Lately I have been thinking about my apartment decor. Since we plan on moving to a new apartment at the end of our lease I have been thinking of the new decorating opportunities. This particular picture caught my eye because we have a lot of guitars to work with. (Mr. Amazing is an excellent musician.)  We also have a fireplace and most apartments here do, and an old trunk. The possibilities are endless.

I picked this Pin because I have never heard the saying before but it sounds like a great place to explore! The necklace is also very cute and bohemian, totally perfect for a summer night! 

This tie dye and beaded t-shirt is going to be my next DIY project! I will post some pictures of the results! Perfect shirt for an outdoor concert, or day at the beach. 

From hippie to rocker chick this look is amazing! Red is my favorite color and this jacket and large clutch, paired with black skinnies and stilettos make me scream I NEED THIS! This look is so relaxed but busting at the seams with style and class and a perfect dose of attitude! This will make any guy sing "I fell in love with the girl at the rock show".

Hello summer! These wedges are the perfect look for summer fun! So bright and colorful I am dying to find a pair! This could also be a great DIY project if you have an old pair of wedges laying around  no longer being worn. Simply take your old wedges and find some amazing fabric and a hot glue gun, viola! You'll have yourself the hottest shoes this summer! 

I have been telling Mr. Amazing that I want to paint an old guitar and hang it on the wall as art! We have yet to stumble upon an old guitar not being used, but when I saw this picture I fell in love! Awesome! I wonder if this is still being played or simply eye candy.

This Pin was picked because the wild and carefree attitude of this picture makes me smile! Rolling stones, leopard print, yes, rock on girl! 

Last but never least, this beautiful boho style long summer dress. Ohh, aahhh, yes its gorgeous. I would wear this as much as possible and to music fests, the beach, heck i would wear it to the grocery store it looks so comfy! 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Pins! I know I enjoyed finding them to share with you! 
Have a great rest of your week 

Fashionably Late,

The Pinja! 

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