Friday, May 16, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

I know I am 2 days late forgive me, my head is in the clouds this week because tonight I am heading back to Chicago! 

This week Mr. Amazing road tripped it the 800 miles back to Chicago with our entourage of pets! What a brave soul! While we are home we are going to a music festival in Illinois called Summer Camp Music Festival. I entered their annual bandana design contest this year and won first place. We got a set of Super Deluxe VIP tickets and my design will be sold as official Summer Camp Merchandise! Then we will be road tripping back to the big apple!!

Since, my mind is totally geared up for road trips and music festivals that is the theme of my picks this week! Hope you enjoy!!

This outfit, worn by Kristen Cavallari screams comfy and ready to rock at a music festival. She wore this look at Coachella and I can see why, look at those fringe sandals!

This could be a DIY if you are willing. This denim skirt simply has lace attached to it in a perfectly beautiful positioning. I love he long piece of lace on the side, it is my favorite part! This makes me want to run out and do this to an old skirt tonight! 

What a great shot! I now need a small dream catcher for my car, for road trips of course! You still need good dreams while on the open road! 

No festival is complete with out hoop dancers! This is an art form I have recently taken up within the last 3 months and I love it! Hula hooping is a great way to express yourself, exercise, and meet new people. It is really easy to get started simply buy a hoop and look up some video's on tricks to practice! 

This bus turned camper is so pretty and looks very inviting for a long trip! Or for a camping trip with a tent set up outside! I think something like this is in my distant future! Family vacation!! 

This shirt says it all! (P.S. fringe!) 

Dream catcher headband, total hippie style! Music festival here we come! 

Next time I am road tripping with friends I am taking a picture like this! So pretty! 

These flowy tie dyed pants are perfect for summer and a fest! Tie dye black and white is such a great look if you are not crazy about the traditional tie dye! Adorable! 

Take me here! Sun, fun, friends, music, fashion! Let's go! Rage!!!

What festivals are you going to this summer? Are you taking any road trips? Send us some pictures! 

Fashionably Late,



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