Thursday, May 8, 2014

This one is for the Guys

I have been asked to write a post about Manscaping from a ladies point of view. The nice people  over at Man Crates are looking for some beauty advice for the guys. They want to know how far a man should go when it comes to his grooming. Well, I am here to help! First of all what is manscaping? 

Manscaping = Grooming
It is that simple.

Each guy and his lady friend are going to have a different opinion of how he should be manscaping. Here are just a few tips that most guys should be able to follow. This is a good guide for how much is too much, and how much is not enough at all.

#1 Eyebrows: 

I believe a man should not mess with his eyebrows. No girl wants to look at her guy and think that his brows look better than hers.  With that being said, if you are one of those guys who have a few stragglers in the middle by all means have a professional take care of those for you. 

#2 Facial hair:

This topic is tricky because some women love the beard while others could do without. 
I have to say when it comes to facial hair I am not a fan. Beards and mustaches do not do it for me. 
The 5 o'clock shadow can be a good look but stubble can hurt! 

For me personally I like a clean shaven guy, it portrays cleanliness, and gives the impression that this dude takes pride in his look. (He took the time to shave!)

 If my guy must have some kind of facial hair to feel comfortable, I can deal with a small amount of chin hair. As long as it is neat, trimmed short, and there are no stragglers.

#3 Chest hair:

I love a little chest hair on my man! Note, I said a little, if you have a forest growing under your shirt please, take the time to Manscape. 

Trimming and possibly shaving are options here for the guys who have a lot of chest hair to go around. If you have just a little chest hair, then leave it alone and fly that flag proudly! 

*Side Note* if your underarm hair is offensively long, please do us a favor and trim it down.

#4 Mani's and Pedi's:

I know some of you guys have probably never stepped into a nail salon. Let me tell you that you are missing out and some serious pampering. Manicures and pedicures are not just for women, and more guys should partake in an occasional spa day. 

Guys should take care of their feet and make sure they are clean and groomed. Also those rough rugged man hands are sexy but once in a while those need to be taken down a notch. 

This is not something guys should do every week, but once a month get your nails and cuticles in line and put a little lotion on. Keep those hands soft enough to give your girl a nice massage (wink wink).

#5 Hair:

Hair is another tricky topic because it is all about preference. Some like it short some like long but, we all like it clean and maintained. 

If you choose to keep your hair short make sure the back of your neck is trimmed up too. There is nothing worst than a nice hair cut and a messy neck. Also, do not use too many products in your hair. Us girls like to touch it from time to time and do not want to get stuck on it like fly paper.

If long is your cut of choice again keep it neat, get regular hair cuts while you grow it so it stays under control. Most of all, keep it clean, clean long hair is sexy. Dirty long hair is gross.

Guys, by no means do us women want to compete in a beauty competition with you. 
Nor do we want to fight over the bathroom, but we want our dudes to take pride in looking good. 

If you feel ridiculous at how far you are taking the manscaping cut it back. If you look like a cave man, then step it up. It is all about a happy medium here.


Fashionably Late, 



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