Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Birkenstock are back!

When fashion goes around fashion comes back around! It is true if it was in style once it will be in style again. Recently I have started to spot an old style that is coming around full circle and making a come back.

Who remembers these babies!? Yes, these Birkenstock were very popular around the time I was in middle school and junior high. They went instinct by the time I reached high school and now they are back! These foot bed sandals are extremely comfortable to wear around the city, that almost made me want a pair. ALMOST! I have never been a fan of the style of these sandals, but the comfort is very appealing. So, I found an alternative.

Now this is a good looking sandal. I found these cuties on Macy's.com and for $69.99 they can be yours. Comfort and style in one small box! Viola! 

Here is another trend that is back with a vengeance, do you remember these Tava sandals?
I did have a great pair of these in black and purple as a kid and I loved them. Since many 90's style fashions are in right now it would only make sense for these bad boys to rock the shelves once more.
You can find these at Urban Outfitters for $40.00. 

This last trend has tried to make a quick comeback a few years ago and in my opinion failed miserably. 

I am sure you all remember these beauties, the infamous jelly's! I was never a fan the first time they came around and I am still not on the bandwagon. I know they bring back a little nostalgia, but I can do without. These can also be found at Urban Outfitters for $24.00 if you are interested in talking a literal walk down memory lane. 

What do you think of these reoccurring styles? Should we throw them a welcome back party or kick them to the curb? 

Send feedback! 

Fashionably Late, 



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