Friday, June 27, 2014

Flashback Friday

Does anyone remember the post I did a little while back about the eye wear company called  
Warby Parker? Well this very morning I got an email from them stating that with my small bit of help they have given 1 million pairs of glasses away to people in need!

That is an amazing goal! I am so glad they emailed me to let me know by writing a blog about their generous company I have helped them donate so many pairs! Though 1 million is a lot there are still many many people who need glasses. 700 million more people need your help! If you are in the market for glasses you should take a look at Warby and Parker and see if their frames fit your style! 
I am sure you will find some that are perfect for you!

On to other news, I also posted last week about Birkenstock sandals. Apparently they are making a huge come back. Yes, I guessed it here is another article about it to prove they are the it sandals this season! Read it here. 

I like to share things that I read with my fellow Dazers so since this was a recent topic here on RunwayDaze I figured I would share!

Hope you have a great weekend!

As always fashionably late,




  1. I am pretty pumped about some birkenstocks. I know they aren't super pleasing to the eye, but for me they represent this hippie free spirit that I long for. I have been rocking mine all summer. Cute post!

  2. Hi! Thanks for reading! I agree very free spirited people usually rock the Birks! I am glad they are coming out with some alternatives to the original design! I am defiantly thinking of getting a pair for the comfort reason above all! Living in NYC you do a lot of walking!

  3. Great post! I'm going to look into Warby Parker for my husband's next pair of glasses. I love Birkenstocks. I always have a pair of Gizeh and I just bought my first pair of Arizonas (pictured above) since 7th grade.

    1. Hi Bobbi, Thanks for stopping by! I love these Warby Parker glasses, almost makes me want to wear my glasses ( I am more of a contacts girl). I cannot wait to get my hands or should i say feet on a pair of Birks!

      Happy Blogging