Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Since yesterday I did a recap of our adventures at Summer Camp Music Festival PPW got pushed back to Thursday! 

I have some great picks today take a look!!

This dress is amazing! I love the pink details at the top so summery and fresh! The length is great for a casual summer party and she looks like she is just as happy about this dress as I am! :)

These sandals are to die for! Music festival sandals! Any day of the week sandals! I must have these! Unfortunately I was able to track these down and found they are too pricey for my taste. I am thinking a cheap pair of sandals and some creativity and I could make these!

Where is this apartment and how do I rent it? I love this space, very open and welcoming. Obviously the sky lights are the key here but he decor is very nice and homey.

I am no where near being a purse snob. Actually I am more of a bag lady. I like a bag I can fit everything and I mean EVERYTHING in for the day including my pooch! When I came across this beauty I had to Pin it because its huge! Look at that color! Love! 

Sandals pick number two, these are more fees-able for my near future and look how cute! Love that caged look and the backs have very cute decorative beading.

I am loving the feathers look if it was not obvious! This cute cartilage earring is adorable! I think I will have to get one of these for myself! 

Its rainy season here in NYC and let me tell you, this is about all I want to do right now! Cuddle up with a book and some comfy clothes and that blanket looks very inviting! 

Hello Tiffany Blue!! This is by far the best nail polish color this season so if you don't already have some go pick some up! This color is priceless! 

I love dream catchers and dream catcher art and photography! That is all I have to say about this pick! :) 

It seems strange but I feel like I am a little backwards in the world. I came to the busiest city in the world and I slowed life down a lot! I feel much more relaxed and dare I say I have found myself! I found my inner peace in the craziest city in America! Go figure! This is pretty much how I want to live the rest of my life! Adventure time! 

Hope you liked this weeks picks! As always,

Fashionably Late,



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