Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

I made it! I am actually getting PPW to you on Wednesday! Sometimes things just work out right! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday and without further adieu here they are! 

I had to pin this outfit because this is a very 'Jenny' outfit! I love the palm trees in the big LA letters on this boyfriend cut tank. These shorts actually resemble a pair I have at home as well. Our future goals of living in LA in the next few years probably also have a lot to do with my number 1 pick! :) 

Onto a completely different theme, boho fashion. This dress is perfection in white with lace, this could also pass for a wedding dress in a causal setting.  With these boots it passes as perfectly bohemian. Fringe is my favorite trend this season so I had to pick this! 

It is only Wednesday but his week has been pretty hectic for my little tribe. So this big comfy couch with these plump pillows looks like a slice of heaven. I love the neutrals of this room and the natural wood table. Once I am living in a place where I can paint my walls this colors is defiantly going to be in the running.

This picture just puts a smile on my face! I love palm trees (actually brought one home to Chicago once from Florida) and surf boarding has always been something I have wanted to learn. I also love all the creative ways surf boards have been used to decorate! I will have a surf board one day, even if it is only a decoration! :) 

This tank with arrow feathers on it is so simply beautiful you could literally throw this on with some jeans and viola you look amazing! No effort needed when you have such a cute top! LOVE!

This gypsy looking dress is such a great color! Long flowing and a floral print, you can't go wrong here! I think I need a dress just like this for my wardrobe! 

 With all the summer music festivals going on, it seems like we have found a new generation of flower children. "I rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds on my neck" seems to be the mantra this summer! Though I personally think this kitty rocks the flower look the best! Meow! 

This Roberto Cavalli look is the most beautiful display of color and again the long look portrays the very desirable boho look that is everywhere this season. Cavalli does it again, what's new!?

Remember grunge? If not you are in luck it is slowly emerging and you will soon find yourself wearing some kind of grunge fashion by fall, I promise! If you are not looking forward to this upcoming trend be open minded this chick is rocking it glamorously! I might have stumbled onto something here.. Glamor Grunge?!  I like it! 

While you doll yourself up for festivals this summer don't forget your belly chains! With all the crop tops we have been seeing it only makes sense to decorate your mid section. I love seeing trends come back around! This is so gypsy style and I love that too! 

I hope you like what you see! Let me know what you think about these picks! Which is your favorite? 

Fashionably Late, 



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