Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week!

I should change PPW from Wednesday to Thursday since I am always fashionably late! 

This week I had a good reason, I swear! We have all been there the week from Hell! That has been my week thus far. I am powering through it long enough to give you your Pin Fix! :) 

So since this week I am in need of some positive thoughts and to look forward I have mostly posted some inspiration quotes and powerful messages! 

If you are in need of a boost this week I hope this helps! 


This one just makes me happy because it is kind of a reflection of Mr. Amazing and myself! He is a rock god and I see things in graphics! We are going to save the world together! 

This much easier said than done but it is very freeing to just realize it is not you it is them! 

Some days you just need a shirt like this! 

I like to read this when I am feeling inadequate, I know mistakes happen, and sometimes they are the perfect mistake! 

I have always had the mentality that I can always pick up and run away, I never realized I had wanderlust or had a gypsy soul. I now know I will never be happy in one place for too long, I do not belong to one city I belong to the world! 

This is a great thing to learn, I have been practicing this all week and I am getting much better at it! 

It is more important to me to strive to be recognized than the end result of recognition! I know all I have done to get where I am even if no one else see my hard work! Be proud of yourself!!

I know I have prepared myself for my journey in my education. I know I am dressed to the nines when I venture off to accomplish my goals. In this, I know I am unstoppable! 

I had to pick this picture because it reminds me of my little sister. She is a blonde I am a brunette, we are always there when the other needs a hand to hold. Speaking to her on the phone last night got me back to where I needed to be to face my situation. She probably has no idea she even did that for me. I wish I could bottle her up and take her everywhere with me! 

Finally, when this nightmare is over, I will be doing this! Drinking coffee, in my big bed, with a book! 

I hope some or maybe all of these quotes and picks made you a little inspired or gave you hope for the future they defiantly did for me!

As always,

Fashionably Late,




  1. Love the inspiration. I hope your week this week is better than last. Happy Monday!