Monday, July 14, 2014

Next Apartment

Next Apartment

Very soon Mr. Amazing and our band of misfits will be moving to a new apartment!  We are very excited to be moving, getting more bang for our buck and to have more space for our creative outlets! 

Our new apartment will have a better layout, and we will finally have more decorating freedom due to the space factor. We will no longer have to refer to our apartment as a step up from a dorm room!

With this new adventure I have created a little inspiration board! This is the feeling I would like our new place to have! 

Hope you enjoy! 

Fashionably Late,




  1. I really like what you picked out and I like the colors.

  2. Congrats on the new place!! After living in the same apartment for five years we finally decorated a bit and what a difference it makes. It is really fun to pick out color schemes and so forth. Enjoy!!

    1. Yes, decorating can make a huge difference! So exciting!