Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

It is a Pinterest miracle! I made PPW on Wednesday! 

Let's jump right in with this weeks pins!

This is the look I have been sporting lately, simple a cute with long tanks, shorts and lots of long necklaces and big bracelets!

Here is another look I have always loved for summer, dresses! I could wear a dress everyday and be completely happy! This one in particular screams my name with the layers and dark fabric and tie dyed dark colors at the bottom! Perfection! 

When I spotted these babies I had to pin them! I love running shoes, and I will not lie to you, I do not run! If I had some of these shoes I might, wait who am I kidding. I would still not run, but I would look pretty hott walking my pooch! 

I am a girl who loves pockets! I do, they are so convenient when you just need to run out of the house and do not want to drag along your huge duffel bag sized purse! This vest is the perfect solution for the summer months when a lot of your clothes do not have pockets! Throw this one over your dress instant pockets! 

This is a picture from the September look book at Free People. I am loving all the trends from this picture, let me break it down. First the royal blue is going to be a very popular color this fall along with other deep rich colors! The fur vest is amazing and if you do not like fur there will be plenty of faux fur to satisfy your needs. The brimmed hats are transitioning from spring to fall so keep them out! Also, lots of boho inspired jewelery will be very popular the more the better and it doesn't have to be matchy matchy!

This is a great look and something I am always pinning when I see it! White blazer, yes please! Destroyed denim and pumps high pony, I think this outfit was made for me! P.S. I love that her shirt is tucked into the waist of her jeans and she has a belt where belts were made to be worn! Look for this trend in the near future! 

Wire wrapped jewelery is becoming increasingly popular as of recently. Many people taking up this beautiful art and I actually know some people who do this. There is serious talent out there though I have never seen anything like this number. This is gorgeous, I want it in a variety of colors! Follow me on Pinterest and you can follow the link back to the Etsy store.

This picture just makes me smile! Mr. Amazing and I love the beach and finding little treasures for each other and keeping them for our memory box! We are dedicated to spending as much time as we can outside and the beach is one of our favorite places to do this! 

These boots! Wow, again this is a look at Free People fall must haves, you can say that again! I must have these boots, even thought it is 90 degrees today I need these boots! 

I am always pinning inspirational quotes because I feel much happier in life when I can read something insightful and try and keep a positive attitude! This quote could not be any more true! Everything in my life has been coming together so beautifully within the last year and a half that I was beginning to wonder what the heck I had done to make that happen. Once I read this quote I realized I had finally found my soul mate who has showed me peace in life! He is the reason everything is falling into place!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks PPW on time for once! 

Fashionably Late (on time)




  1. Im glad I was able to help you find peace my beautiful. Together we will continue to prosper.