Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Happy Wednesday, oops I mean Thursday! Sorry for the delay in PPW, but sometimes you need an extra day to perfect your picks! 

Here are the 10 best picks of this weeks Pins on Pinterest!

 When Fall rolls around eventually I think this will be my favorite outfit! The boots, leggings baggy long sleeved shirts! Heaven and it is very cute also! 

This will be a close second! Love the scarf look and that shirt looks very comfy!

 If you have been living under a rock and have not noticed that gyspy/boho looks are dominating right now here is your wake up call! This chick has the look down to a science! Hat, lots of jewelery, those sandals! I also love the ripped denim and the long vest! 

Here is another page out of the gypsy handbook, tall fringe sandals, floppy hat, bracelets for days!

 This dress and long vest is the perfect thing to pair with some fringe booties and a floppy hat to achieve the gypsy look! 

Here is another way to get the look, try a nice long flowy poncho! Light weight fabrics are perfect for the summer look! 

If I owned this dress I would be living in it! It is gorgeous! You can always take an old dress of your own and spruce it up with beads yourself to get this look yourself!

 I have punk rock roots and these cheetah print Converse were calling my name on this weeks hunt for the perfect Pins for you! These can easily be paired with a black floppy hat and a black gypsy dress to get the boho feel that is prevalent in this post! Just do not forget to add all the jewelry to complete the look!

 If the Converse don't do it for you, here are some fringe sandals with peacock feather details to really curb your gypsy craving! 

 Last but never least here is pick number 10! I love this picture, I think I am going to do a DIY project and make a sign like this one! 

Happy Pinning Dazers,

Fashionably Late, 




  1. do you know where I can find those boots on pic #1???

    1. I believe Urban Outfitters or TOMS has some like this currently. Thanks for reading!