Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Again we find ourselves a day late and a dollar short, but never short on Pins!! 

Hey yesterday I just was not ready to grace the Internet world with my findings, give me a break! 

Without further a due here are you weekly PPW! 

A friend of mine once defined my style to me as 'busy' and I have to agree with her. You will never find me wearing just one bracelet or a plain shirt or jeans that don't have some sort of flare! My style reflects my life and thoughts busy! That is why I love this outfit not much more you can add to this one! Love it! 

It has been on the chilly side here in New York early in the morning and late at night and it has made me want to curl up on the couch with a beanie and a soft sweater and drink coffee with a book!! This is the look I am thinking of. 

Here is a look I love, this loose fitting button down with tight skinny jeans and lots of bracelets is calling my name! 

This trend is everywhere and I personally feel it is a hard look to pull off. The kimonos are everywhere but choosing the right pattern is the hard part! I love these ones. 

Here is another popular trend you can pair with that kimono, the headband worn at the top of the forehead. You either love it or hate it, I for one love it! 

This is basically what my arms look like on any given day! Adorn with many many beautiful bracelets mostly made by yours truly! 

I am loving the new trend of arm bracelets, I remember a time not too long ago when this trend was popular in my junior high days! Ok, it was a little while ago! :) 

So what if junior high was a while ago for me! Youth has no age! Remember this always!!!

Stick to your roots and don't change who you are for anyone but yourself!! 

When in doubt wear feather earrings!

Happy Thursday! 

Fashionably Late, 


Under Cover

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