Friday, August 8, 2014

Pinterest Picks of the Week

Happy Friday! It is almost the weekend, and time for PPW! 

This week I picked all fashion related Pins! Even though some of these pins are style picks and they might be better used for winter I still love the look and had to share with all of you Dazers! 

Here they are! 

I picked this picture because it most accurately portrays my style. On any given day you can catch me sporting a cut off band tee and a high pony some shades and always looking cool! :)
This might be what the bottom half of my ensemble looks like, Converse kicks!  I also love this long sweater with the black and white aztec print! This is trending majorly, get on the bandwagon! 

Keeping with the aztec print look at this scarf! It even looks light enough to wear on those chilly summer nights!

This summer sweater is the perfect combination of summer fun colors and the long uneven look we are seeing everywhere on sweaters in the recent years and probably in the future season as well!

This is a great tank to wear out for the night since it has some gold sparkle to fancy it up and also brings the current aztec trend to the table! Winning! 

This Pin was labeled as 'Dark Bohemian' I love the term and the look! Hats as we know are everywhere and will continue into the fall season, the corduroy pants are awesome with the leather piecing. Leather boots with a lace pieced top, this outfit is going in all directions and its working perfectly! 

As much as this snow is disturbing me I love her style and that chunky scarf with that amazing print! 

I think these boots would go perfectly with the look above. What do you think? They look rather comfy too! Bonus! 

This post is all about style and this kitty knows what he is doing! Look at that relaxed afternoon nap look he is pulling off puuurrfectly! Cat hoodies = amazing! 

Here is one lucky dog who found himself a red heel! He may be able to fit both feet in one but he wears it better than anyone else I have see! What a Doganista!

Have a great weekend dazers! 

How are you liking PPW?  Give some feedback in the comments! 

Fashionably Late, 




  1. lovely picks for fall!! Right now I feel like the cat with a hoodie! haha

    1. That kitty hoodie does look very comfortable! Thanks for reading!

  2. Love the long cardigan with the chucks. This is a look that I will definitely be re-creating this week. Thanks for sharing.
    x, Amanda
    Behind the Mirror Beauty

    1. I would love to see an outfit post! This is a great look for the weather right now!