Monday, February 9, 2015

V-Day gift guide for your guy

It's that time of year again, the time for love and chocolate. Our dudes sure do spoil us for Valentine's Day don't they? Chocolate, candy, flowers, balloons, and many more special gifts. 

It's time for the ladies to return the favor, let's give our guys something to smile about this year and show them our appreciation! I know what your thinking, Guys are hard to shop for. That is true, so I am  here to help. Take a look at this guide to V-Day for your guy.

Looking for a simple gift? Something not too expensive? How about a funny card?! 
Add your own special touch to this cute and funny card from Etsy.

If you like50 Shades of Grey, and maybe your guy is taking you to see the movie next week than this card is for you. You can also find this on Etsy here.

Maybe your guy has a cool hipster beard, give him something to keep it looking good. Try this beard condistioner from Urban Outfitters.

If your man isn't into the whole beard trend give him something to keep his face nice and clean shaven. Try this unique double edge safety razor from Shaveology. You can pick one up on Amazon by clicking here.  (p.s. my guy already has one and loves it, also, they are on sale!)

If your man is a hard worker he probably could use a little pick me up from time to time. Get him a french press coffee maker and make his days a little fresher. Target has a wide variety and this one is
 available online also.

If you want to keep the gift simple and make him really happy try a sweet treat made with love.
Oreo puppy chow could be the way to your guys heart through his stomach if he's a sweets fan.

Click here for the recipe!


  1. Very good ideas. I see the first one was for Mr. Amazing.

  2. Great gift ideas! Love the selection. xo, Amanda

  3. Thank you both for reading! ! Hope your Valentine's day was awesome!