Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bringing back the 70's

Happy Sunday my fellow fashion lovers, I hope your weekend is coming to a close quite nicely! Sundays are a good day to reflect and this Sunday we want to reflect on an old trend that is making a big comeback!

Bell bottoms are a definite trend that you are sure to see this spring. Skinny jeans are on their way out and this wide legged trend are moving on in. 

I personally love this trend, as should other short girls! Paring bell bottoms with sky high heels is an easy way to make you look much taller. They can also be worn with any type of fashion style you prefer.

 This girls looks nice and casual with her loose sweater, cross body bag and her bell bottoms. A perfect Sunday funday look!

 If your a little more on the urban boho side you can pair yours with a brown belt and a loose fitting top and don't forget the turquoise jewelry to complete the look.

 If you are like me you might like the edgy look of a dark pair of bell bottoms and stilettos, with your favorite moto jacket.

Here is another casual look with a nice long scarf and loose white button down. A good pair of shades makes this look effortless and very cool.

How do you like this revived trend? I personally love this look and always have. Lucky for me I still have my old bell bottoms from the last time they came around! 

Fashionably Late,



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  1. I am also so into flared leg jeans, I have to get some new ones though. Mine are all left over from the 90's so they are low waisted and look a bit like Brittney Spears. And, not in a good way. haha. xo, Amanda