Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Festival Fashion Styles

Festival season is upon us and the amazingly stylish festival goers are stepping up the fashion game! Every festie lover has their own unique style and there are a couple different categories in which your fest style most likely falls into, here are the most popular styles of the season.

#1. Retro Hippie Style

There are the festie goers that have 70's hippie down to a science. These are your Retro Hippies, they think freely, eat vegan, and make their own soaps, but mostly dress fabulously.

 High wasted bell bottoms are a sure way to spot a retro hippie festival goer!

Flower halos, fringe and platform shoes are another dead giveaway to this awesomely fun style you will see every where this festival season. If you still cant spot the retro hippie style look for rounded shades, flowly tops and big floppy hats with boho waves hair!

#2 Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is very free and fun, it has lots of prints and lots of layers! Boho fashion is extremely popular right now and everyone is eating it up! A mix between hippie and gypsy boho pulls from lost of areas of fashion. Boho chicks like to do yoga, go thrifting and where the latest hottest trends!!

 Floral prints and booties are a sure fire way to spot this trend!
 Floppy hats and again fringe are a good way to find a Bohemian fashionista!

Flash tats and floppy hats, prints and lot and lots of accessories are the easiest way to achieve this look for festival season! Rings and rings and rings!!

#3 Modern Hippie

 The modern hippie wears lots of tie dyed clothing, kimonos, fringe crop tops and loves music and friends. They are very similar to Retro Hippies however their clothing is usually never vintage and can sometimes be DIY!!

Long flowly dresses and turbans are also a popular choice with this group of fashion forward individuals! Gladiator and cage sandals are also very popular as well as moccasins.


EDM music is taking over festivals faster than any other music genre in the past. Swarms of music and dancing enthusiasts have flocked to the festival scene to partake in the action. The best part of it is the fashion of course! Neon Neon Neon! Short shorts, and glowing body paint and neon lights. Did I mention neon?!

 Traditional Native American Headdresses can be spotted in this trend group, (which have been slightly controversial). Bracelets, necklaces, and anything handmade can be seen. Bracelets are especially popular to give away to other festival goers.

#5 Gypsies

Last but not least we have the gypsies, this fun group usually has lots of patterns, layered on top of each other with patterned pants and lots of noisy accessories to get your attention!

Printed pants are an especially fun trend in this area, as well as, arm cuffs! Statement jewelry is very important and long flowing draped clothing.

Now that you've seen all the different types of fashion festival styles out there which is your favorite??
Am I missing any? Leave me some comments and let me know what you will try this year at your favorite fest!!

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  1. I am always into retro hippie vibes! Especially when that includes a tie dye beach cover up! Love the inspiration! xo, Amanda

    1. Thanks Amanda! I am a big fan of the tie dye as well, especially black and white tie dye!