Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fresh Linens

It seems like summer has finally made it's way to New York City! Ok, I know technically we have a little longer until summers official start date but it seems the country is finally heating up! 

New York City is always humid and hot in the summer, there isn't always a great breeze and that can lead to some hot and sticky days. Usually the best way to combat the heat is a skirt or flowly dress. Some of us work in indoor frozen tundras also known as office buildings. For those of you who suffer the same fate, fear not. I have the perfect solution.

White linen pants are my go to for hot days and working in chili offices. The light weight fabric and white color is sure to keep you as cool as possible outside and keep your legs toasty inside while 
you work.

Here are some examples.

In case you aren't into white, try on a pair of colored linens! 

What do you think of this look? Give me some feedback! 



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